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A recent book I picked up at my local Barnes & Noble, from 1883.

A loving biography of sorts by his son, William.

I have a great BN about 10 miles from me, down on Rt 17, New Jersey. It is one of the few that have a used book store in the rear of the store. For someone like me it is an easy place to get lost in!

This book is old of course and has a great engraving on the frontpiece (with foxing). It is a touching tribute by a son who clearly admired his father and felt that history had bypassed a truly worthwhile man.

I will let you be the judge of that; everyone’s life is truly worthwhile, and we could certainly all write a noble biography of our Dads. I find this biography interesting because it reveals so much about upper middle class life in New York City so long ago.

And I love the long gone art of engraving. There is something an engraving captures that a photograph cannot.

So you see this book was irresistible to me and given its price of less than $10.00 how could I walk by?