This a fantastic acrylic painting by Cynthia Carlson, dated 1980, that I have hanging on my kitchen wall. It is filled with energy and excitement and it definitely gets me going in the morning. Cynthia Carlson is an active and vibrant artist and she does have a web site but this site does not have any of her works in this style.

Commentators often call this style the Pattern and Decoration style which flourished between the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The Hudson River Museum had a retrospective in 2008.

What made me think of this painting and sharing it on my blog was the appearance of Icona Pop on the Queen Latifah show this morning! Normally I am more of a news junkie and if I were to watch TV at this time it probably would be the Daily Rundown. But for one reason or another I found myself on CBS and lo and behold, there were the two ladies, both tall, from Icona Pop, performing their newest song and announcing their new tour.

My blog is titled Art/Music but thus far, all of my entries have been on music so I also wanted to include some artwork, and this seemed to be a perfect combination.

Somehow I can imagine Cynthia Carlson painting this work while listening/watching Icona Pop performing I Don’t Care either in the background or projected on the walls.

Both works are bubbly, energetic displays of commonplace objects given a hyper vitality that is infectious.