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Today Gray Palomino, a spokesperson for television reality show star Mr Ed, the talking horse, revealed that Mr Ed will serve as a spokesperson for the horses currently working in New York City, pulling carriages through Central Park. Mayor DeBlasio has recently announced he seeks to end the horse carriage tradition in New York City as soon as possible.

Mr Ed will be working pro bono and was inspired to action when rumors surfaced that tubes of glue were found in Gracie Mansion, now that the DeBlasio family has moved in.

The horse drawn carriage is a tradition that goes back over 150 years, to the 1850’s and began when Central Park opened. It is a favorite among tourists and of course, old time Hollywood movie directors.

That is why so many were shocked when the new mayor announced he was going to end this tradition, pronto. Many observers were taken aback by this decision particularly since this issue was not in the campaign . Of course closing the stables will add more to the unemployment rolls of New York and will add to the income inequality that already exists. Thus far the Mayor’s office has not given plans for where new work may be found.

Mr Ed at a press conference

Mr Ed at a press conference

Mr Ed is scheduled for a news conference at 10 AM tomorrow morning. In his off the cuff remarks given exclusively to our reporters, he mentioned “horse sense” a number of times.  “He is even dumber than Wilbur” he snorted on more than one occasion. He also had a few choice words, and hoof kicks,  about rumors of tubes of glue allegedly found in Gracie Mansion. Our reporters had to duck quickly when he lashed out with his hooves in anger.

Our most recent statistics indicate that as many as 100,000 horses are “put down” every year to due lack of work.  Horses can be very expensive to maintain and their work pays for their keep. New York City horses have a host of benefits including a five week vacation, in the pasture, and they are very popular.

Mr Ed, always a ladies man!

Mr Ed, always a ladies man!

Mr Ed, who starred  on TV for many years, is quite wealthy, and can take care of all expenses by himself.  “It is time to give back to the community”, he said when asked why he was leaving his beautiful Hollywood stable to come to the cold city of New York in winter to do battle with the new Mayor over this issue.

Good luck Mr Ed, we wish you the best!