Z1 USPS 05


Part of the reason I write this blog is to set the record straight. I just find there are so many statements made by liberals and conservatives that just do not match the day to day reality of many lives, including mine.

Case in point: the USPS.

Now I know we all like to joke about the USPS, and I think most members take it good-naturedly. But the bottom line is I can’t think of any government agency or many private companies that even come close to doing the job they do, particularly for small businesses like mine.

You see for the last 10 or so years I have been selling books and works of art online, on Amazon and Ebay. I estimate I have sent out around 5,000 items through the USPS, mostly in the US, a few to Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and mostly books. And from all those deliveries only about 10 books actually were lost, or less than .002 of the total, which is pretty amazing.

Can you imagine if other sectors of our economy had that record? Like the financial sector for instance? Or the defense sector? If they were as effective as the USPS, our economy would be in much better shape than it is today.

Sadly ideologues like Darrell Issa want to eviscerate the post office. There is no economic reason for this, and it will certainly hurt the economy but it is part of his agenda. And some of the private carriers would like nothing better than to dismember the USPS so they could step in and monopolize the market.

Right now I can send an average weight book from NY to CA for around $3.00 postage. It takes awhile but it is cost effective. Without the USPS I would have to pay upwards of $8.00 for the same delivery. It might get there a day or two faster, but my customers would rather pay the lower price. In effect many small business like mine would have to close or sell a much smaller range of items.

The real reason behind the apparent financial difficulties the USPS reports is the strange way Congress forces the Postal Service to prefund retirement health benefits for 75 years in advance. No one else does this; obviously this burden was created to wound the Postal Service so private carriers could step in and establish postal monopolies.

The USPS takes packages rain or shine, from everyone. You do have to pay the postage, but you don’t need to open an account. Its workforce is diverse and it is the largest employer of veterns in the US, with the exception of the military. This is a notable record.

Now it seems Mayor DeBlasio wants to destroy the Central Park Horse Carriage business, and Representative Issa wants to destroy the USPS. Yet both these fine institutions have served America well and they deserve our support.

Is it any wonder why so many people do not trust politicians of either party?