The first time I really got into AM radio was when I spent a week sick with the measles, in  grade school. My parents actually let me use the radio and put it in my room, and so I listened to music all day long.

Usually in our house, the kids did not get access to what stations were played. That was for Mom and Dad. But when Mom and Dad were out, or, if you were sick, you got special priviledges.

z1 everley brothers 01

That week happened to be the week Bye, Bye Love by the Everly Brothers was on the  charts and I had to say, I fell in love with the song. This wasn’t Patti Paige, or Doris Day! It was romantic, like the old time music my parents listened to, but it also was modern, with an edge, and had great guitar work, and simplified, though beautiful vocals and harmonies.

One voice looking backward, the other forward.

By the time I was in high school new types of music were coming up. But groups as diverse as the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel, were influenced by the Everley Brothers.

I am including an early, live performance, where the freshness and vitality of this duo shines through.