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This is a new page I am adding to my site to serve as a reference point to rally against the passage of The Transpacific Trading Partnership, better know as TPP.  The goal is to offer a central point to gather information, and post useful links to help in the battle to stop TPP from further destroying the economic base of the US economy.

Trade agreements can be important steps in furthering cooperation between nations however the goal is to lift everyone up, not rush to the lowest level. The TPP is being negotiated by multinational corporations, without any participation of labor, environmentalists, consumer advocates, or any other segment of the American public. It is a behind the scenes, non-transparent treaty that bodes ill for America and the world.

If the TPP is so wonderful, why aren’t there open discussions about its provisions? Why is it done in secrecy. Folks this is a treaty that can affect the daily lives of literally billions of people for decades to come. And we know from our NAFTA, and GATT treaties, that once these treaties are ratified they are very difficult to reverse.

It seems somewhat odd that we are talking about the need to raise the minimum wage on one hand, and signing a treaty that would export jobs to countries where the minimum wage is $1.00 or day or $1.80 an hour. How is this going to help solve the problems of income inequality?

The short answer is, it isn’t. It can only exacerbate the existing problems, not solve them. There is a time for silence and a time to speak out, and this is the time, and place to speak out!

Phil Gennuso