States Voter Restrictions
It seems that a good many states these days are launching into major efforts to change voter rules under the auspices of preventing voter fraud. Since my first vote was in 1968 I can truthfully say I have never encountered such an effort. True, local politicians of both major parties always hurl accusations at one another, and may try to tweak regulations here and there, but there has never been such a major, sustained effort, by one party, to curtail voting hours, and days. The normal tendency of American democracy has been to increase hours and days, to make voting more accessible.

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With that said, it seems to me there is a fairly straightforward way to determine if indeed, widespread fraud does exist. Right now we take many polls throughout the country, in every jurisdiction in the land. It would seem if there were truly significant voter fraud, at a level implied by these major countrywide efforts to change voter laws, there should be noticeable differences between the polling data, and the actual election results, differences that would not be normally distributed, differences that would be skewed towards one party, presumably given the allegations, towards the Democratic Party.

Think of a sports season, for example. Clearly over a season there are going to be bad calls, bat at the end of the day they should be randomly distributed, not favoring any particular team on the whole; even though, one bad call could influence an important game and be heavily covered by the news media.

As of yet I have not heard of any such study, though it seems straightforward enough to do.

Has anyone any references on this type of effort?

I would love to conduct these surveys, but a study of this type would require substantial amounts of money, though probably less than the Republicans and Democrats spend on slamming each other, regularly.

However, before one engages in such massive efforts to obviously restrict voting, one should have statistical evidence that such fraud does exist. The parties could easily get together and appropriate money to determine if there was any discrepancy in the polling/voting patterns of our elections. It certainly would cost a lot less than many other things that we do spend money on, which do not help the general public.

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And polling/voting analysis aside, if our country does think we need to change voting laws, it should be done on a more systematic, voter friendly basis. It should be done over a period of years, reaching out to the entire population to make sure everyone gets a chance to legally register and vote. The burden should be on the State to find potential voters. Voter restriction legislation should not be rammed through state governments to prevent voters from making their choices they are entitled to make.

This is what a truly confident Party system would do. Only a party afraid of the voter would try to restrict voters. Confident parties seek voters because they have a positive message.

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Why is the Republican party, which through most of its history rightfully tried to extend the franchise, now trying to restrict the franchise? What has happened to the GOP? If it truly believes there is voter fraud, why doesn’t it commission the type of study I have recommended? Mitt Romney could probably fund that study by himself, and still have tons of millions of dollars left over!

For myself, I personally do not have a high regard for the two party system, and would like to either have everyone run as an independent, or change the rules to allow a multi party system. The two party system is too easily controlled by insiders, special interests, and activists, and since I am none of the above, it does not serve me as a lifelong voter.

There are many alternatives and I hope to explore these with you in the days ahead. I would also like to conduct some onsite polls of my own to find out more about the true political landscape of America.

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It is clear that many, if not most Americans are very disheartened and frustrated with the two party system. Perhaps we need to explore fundamental changes in the structure of the two party system. Perhaps it is time for a real change in how we go about self government.

It seems to me, given the evidence presented, that these nationwide attempts at voter suppression, are a potential distortion of a real and overdue need for reform in our democratic process.