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You cannot have liberty without justice.

You cannot have justice without liberty.

The socialist prefers justice and is willing to sacrifice liberty to obtain his ideals.

The libertarian prefers liberty and is willing to sacrifice justice to obtain his ideals.

The radical independent chooses to live in the nuances of this dramatic, creative tension.

He does not embrace liberty, exclusively, though he lives and speaks freely.

He does not embrace justice, exclusively, though he treats all fairly, including himself.

He tries to balance both and attain harmony, with his own individuality, the universe and all other humans and living things.

For he would say, what is liberty or justice without harmony?

Is this an unreasonable guideline for a new politics?
To look at liberty and justice through the prism of harmony?

Perhaps they are not in such deep conflict after all.

Haven’t the great individual minds and individual souls of our collective history hinted as much?