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help screen by phil gennuso

help screen by phil gennuso

As some of you may know, last week I released a link to my software web board game, Guess Codes / Mastermind. The game was fully tested on my Windows 7 notebook, using IE 11, but as I discovered, when using HTML5 and Canvas (and javascript of course), new technologies, the cursor positioning can be different across platforms. As such, people had trouble activating the buttons to play the game.

Well I went back to the drawing board, and changed the way I do the positioning, and have tested the game using IE 11, and the latest editions of Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. All three platforms work fine, according to specs. However that is for my laptop. I still don’t know how things will work for different size screens. One gentleman did test the application with Google Chrome on a large screen successfully.

Here is the new link: pgtestsoft.com

The game is Guess Codes, and there is a help screen Help For Guess Codes.
If you get a chance and just go into Guess Codes, and try to click a few buttons, the HELP button, some of the colors on the right, etc, just to see if there is some response, and let me know.

I would really appreciate it. It is a bit frustrating for me as a programmer because everything is working fine on my machine but I don’t have access to different size machines.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

If this goes well, I will be happy to share what the process was originally and the corrections made. HTML5 Canvas is certainly a promising technology so there might be some general use.

Phil Gennuso