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digital art by phil gennuso

digital art by phil gennuso

All she needs is some popcorn!

The Late Show, and The Late, Late Show, two movie shows that ran in NY from the early 1950s until the mid 1970s, for those who loved movies or who could not sleep, or both!

I never was much of a late night movie watcher, but one summer, kind of an in-between summer, one of the two ran this whole host of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers movies and I ended up watching just about all of them. Of course, these were my parent’s movies, so when growing up we would not be caught dead watching these! But that summer, the magic of this duo just sunk in, and took hold of me, and I realized these were truly timeless films that belonged to all generations.

So here is my thank you to these great stars and their special chemistry together! I don’t think Hollywood will ever see another duo quite like this!