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screen for maze games, click for full size

screen for maze games, click for full size

Back in July, I released my first version of a Maze game, a 15 by 15 grid. This is now my third maze, and for this I used a web program I wrote that allowed me to manually create this maze. It uses a 20×20 grid, same as Maze 02, but I believe this will be a bit trickier!

You can find my maze games, along with other software at my site:


Once you reach my site just follow -> Mazes -> Maze Game 03

If you just want to go directly to this third Maze try this link:


I have made some changes to the layout of my site to make navigation easier, so it might look a bit different from you last visit.

There are now three maze games available, also a version of Mastermind, and an application, Create Maze DFS, that will create a depth first maze for you!

I always appreciate any feedback and/or comments.

I have several more maze projects on the deck. Certainly I will post at least one more maze, possibly a multi-dimensional one. Also I may release my web software which allows you to manually build your own maze.

Stay tuned!