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digital art by phil gennuso

digital art by phil gennuso

She is looking out over the bridge, away into the sky, her hair mostly uncombed, disheveled, but beautiful. She is wearing night clothers, for summer; it is summer, it is hot, the water is blue and sparkling. But somehow she is between two places, an open, dreary sky and a bright bridge under moonlight, intense moonlight.

Things have been difficult; her marriage has fallen apart; she is facing drug possession charges, a small amount, but in this state that could mean time, hard time.

Her captor has offered her escape, for benefits, a love with benefits, maybe three months, maybe six, it would be worse behind bars. She whispers it will drive the final stake into her marriage.

But her ex is far away, in New York, he left when she started to tailspin, lose control. Now he calls, but he is helpless, no matter what he claims, he cannot effect the legal outcome.

And she is in California, on a bridge, between nowhere and somewhere, deciding whether to jump or walk her only plank to safety.