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Valhalla Tragedy

Last night, around 6:30 PM, a bizarre, and tragic train accident occurred in Valhalla, NY, a village very familiar to me.

Valhalla Tragedy

a crashed car,
a fluke of time,
burning, third rails, wrecked trains,

i have passed by your arcs
so often,
girlfriends, buddies, baseball,
hanging at the dam,
praying, the corner church,
drinking at gigis.

how wrenching it is,
we see tragedy all day,
it is our human fate,
but when it happens
in spaces you have lived and loved,
it is more than
a flickering green screen,
more than talking heads,
it is real,
it is painful,
part of you is gone.

rest in peace,
countrymen and countrywomen.

the land that has taken you,
that has swallowed you,
has also given much.

children and parties,
fourth of July celebrations,
prayers and baptisms,
sandlots and weddings,
patriots and heroes,
more than my simple words
can ever tell.

rest in peace.