Tomorrow, May 12, 2015, there will be an important vote on the TPP, whether to fast track this trade agreement or not. Trade agreements in the last 20 years or so have not benefited America, and it is time to put fast track, on the fast track to the trash can. With that in mind, I am reblogging this post I originally made. I think it is very relevant. Phil Gennuso

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Well, not exactly. It was 20 years ago as of Jan 1, 2014, that NAFTA went into effect, superseding the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States. The year was 1994, Bill Clinton was in office, having just edged out Ross Perot and President George Bush. Normally Democrats at that time, would not have supported such a broad, comprehensive trade treaty, but Bill Clinton was trying to be something of a New Democrat and he had the support of most Republicans. As I recall the treaty required the support of the Republicans in the House (they were not yet the majority), because there were not enough Democrat votes to pass the legislation.

The history of the passing of the treaty is an interesting look at the politics of the time. Ross Perot had run a somewhat erratic campaign in 1992 as an anti free trade candidate…

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