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by phil gennuso

by phil gennuso

You should arm yourself,
not like a Caesar with a raised sword
against the world, but with the words:
Amor Fati – love your fate.

You should make this axiom
your strongest liberator;
You have chosen your path in the thicket,
Don’t look sideways at other paths!

The pain, too, is your servant,
Paralyzed, crushed and dejected
you see that it reunites you
with what is required.

The fall and the betrayal, too,
will help you like friends,
Your defeats are rich
gifts placed in your hands.

Once, contented
by being worthy of your destiny
you shall know: This was my will,
All that happens to me happens justly.

Then say, when the green woods
of your joy for life has been wandered through:
I want nothing different,
I wish nothing changed.

*This poem was written by Norwegian poet Andre Bjerke (1918-1985), and translated by Hossein Kashani. I discovered it in Sufi Journal, Winter 2015, Issue 88, http://www.sufijournal.org. The illustration is by Phil Gennuso, the creator of this post.