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Phil Gennuso

New Release, Pingpong Game!

About 5 weeks ago I released my new website, 2.0.
It included a work-in-progress pingpong game which was largely a sampler, a prototype.

Now I have released the next step, a more sophisticated set of pingpong games, one for a single player, and one for two players, both with controls for ball and bounce speeds, which will give
you an opportunity to adjust the game to suit your desired difficulty level. The singles games is more developed, more finalized.

I have used the latest technologies, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and the latest browsers, IE 10, Chrome, Firefox. My test browser is Chrome. I am having trouble with the Firefox browser. The paddles do not seem to work correctly. If you do click one of the controls, while the game is in progress, this seems to correct the problem but I cannot verify this will work for everyone. Chrome and IE seem to work fine. I will try to get the Firefox debugger plugin and see if I can figure out what the problem is .

The size is about 1350×620 pixels and this general size is ideal. There is scrolling available for smaller screens, and there is some flexibility but it is not a completely responsive web design (at this point). You can play the game with a smaller screen, but you have to use some ingenuity.

I would appreciate any suggestions about the setup and game in general. Some of the options make it almost impossible to do much, the ball will just move too fast, but at this point, this is still in a developmetn/prototype stage and I wanted to give options.

Keep learning and growing!

The singles game:

The doubles game:

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