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by phil gennuso click for full size

by phil gennuso click for full size

Well, with the completion of the Iowa caucus and the coming of the New Hampshire primary, the political season has officially begun in the US. We all say, the campaigns are getting longer and longer, but not getting better and better.

This image started as part of a decal, on a car somewhere, parked, in my path, my daily walks and travels. I changed the design, and made the colors bolder, and more dramatic. I was thinking of adding “Radio Free New York”, using special fonts, to the artwork, but for now, I will just leave it as is.

This is my sign, my shield, to guard against the two party system and all of its propaganda. I have no faith in the two party system and want to transition to a multiple party system (by changing the rules) or a system of no parties. For me the two parties echo the last line of the Matthew Arnold poem, Dover Beach, “Where ignorant armies clash by night”.

With that said, periodically I may write a very short piece on where the election stands and what I think of the situation. I will use this insignia as my calling card!