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by phil gennuso click for full size

by phil gennuso click for full size

it is what is inside my head that counts,
not outside.
the outside just doesn’t matter that much
to me at this point.

today i saw a nazi drive by,
yellow lines covered his face
and his clothes.
his feet looked like little pig’s feet,
with painted toenails.
he hid behind his steering wheel
like a scared child.

this nazi you see, has no where to go.
he can only try to live off me,
and people like me.
there is nothing else
for him to do.
i understand that.

maybe some day, he will free himself
and breathe, and realize he has a life
of his own
after all.


until then,
he is just another pathetic nazi,
with nothing to do but wait for me,
nothing to create, but what i create,
nothing to see, but what i see,
nothing to say, but what i say.

the life of the pathetic nazi.