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by phil gennuso

by phil gennuso, click for full size

    In the last 15 years or so we have been inundated with beautiful Brazilian models, each one more stunning than the next. The worship of the sun, the physicality of the body beautiful is almost a cult. Interestingly, Brazil is also where the current Pope brought out unprecedented numbers of crowds for his ceremony on the beaches of Rio de Janiero.

   Of course, more recently, Brazil has been under going some political turmoil surrounding their president. As someone who has lived through impeachments in the US I sympathize, but I also issue a warning. The people never benefit from these impeachments, only the politicians, and the media do. It is better to change the president through an election, rather than an impeachment.

   In this piece, I tried to capture a sense of beauty, a sense of sunlight, a sense of style, a sense of drama. The elements chosen are simple, but hopefully, to the point. The techniques used included photography, coloring, and some drawing. I hope you enjoy!