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by phil gennuso

by phil gennuso

      The Magician, the second card on our journey through the Major Arcana.

      My design splits the digital canvas into four quadrants, the hemispheres, the compass, the world. I have drawn in the Northern point, it stands for a sense of direction and destination. Often times my life has been in a state of utter chaos but somehow that special point of light, my ultimate goal, stays in view and inspires. There are springs and circles, lines and colors going every which way! The colors are bright, there is a sense of optimism here, however reckless. Perhaps I should be more concerned. Maybe someday my bag of tricks will run out. Maybe someday I won’t land on my feet. Maybe. But as long as I can see the North Star of my dreams and hopes, shining, beckoning, I have to stay positive and rely on my resourcefulness.