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by phil gennuso

by phil gennuso

      This is the third card in the traditional Tarot Deck, the Mystic, following the Child, and the Magician. Some authors refer to this card as the High Priestess. Typically this card signifies a spirituality, a contact with a higher realm, the non-material world.

      In Western civilization, mysticism has never been the main theme. There have been mystics of course, but particularly since the Enlightenment, rationality, and reason, have been the guiding lights. We don’t look to mystics. This role has been taken over though, by artists and poets, and musicians. This is where we look for the high priest and priestess, to tell us things they have seen and experienced outside of our typical hum-drum world. I think in today’s world we could call this card The Artist, The Poet, The Musician.

      With that said, for my design, I have stayed traditional. There is a bit of abracadabra in my card, as if this high priestess is about to make something appear. There is a touch of humor, for sure. But there also is a concentration, a purity of intent, and the bold colors which bring a latent energy to her implied motions. Her hands are magnificent and all encompassing, who knows what she will come up with!

      When I draw this card I am always happy. I am thinking of my creative side, the side of me that is not worrying about anything, the side of me that regards life as the great unknown experience it can be. This card relates most strongly for me to The Child/The Innocent, The Moon, and possibly The Star.