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by phil gennuso click for full size

by phil gennuso click for full size

Here we are, the Labor Day Weekend, the last weekend of Summer. Of course Labor Day is not physically the last day of Summer, that comes a few weeks later; but, ask most people in the US, and they will tell you, Labor Day pretty much ends the Summer. Let’s face it, even though different school districts start school at different times, by Labor Day, just about everyone is in school, and so the Summer vacation is pretty much over.

Too bad you might say, at least that is what we said when we were students. Of course many parents, at least secretly, are happy. There are only so many days of kids running around the house that some parents can take!

I originally took this photo exactly one day before Summer actually began, or on June 19. So, right on the cusp of Summer. I meant to post it much sooner, it is an entrancing shot, but quite frankly the time just went by so fast, I never quite got the chance. So I thought this Labor Day weekend might be a good time to post, a time to look back and reflect on our Summer and look forward to the coming Fall and school year.