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by phil gennuso

by phil gennuso

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I saw a vision of the Pequod,
It sailed right by me on this screen,
Haunted and mysterious and beautiful.

I was only the second to see,
Someone had first honor
Before me,
He had a clearer vision,
He is a dreamier poet than me.

I saw a vision of the Pequod
Sail right by me,
Across my room, across my mantle,
Sailing, to its strange destiny.
I was afraid yet drawn,
To this strange destiny.

Was there a captain on this ship?
Was there a crew below?
If I boarded somehow, somewhere,
Would I meet Ahab, and share his woe?

And what of Queequeg that noble soul,
That an artist painted long ago,
Would we all meet somewhere, somehow,
To talk and drink until the moon
Fell deep into the dark blue sea,
Deeper yet than destiny?

Like a prophet or a fool,
We are drawn to all we cannot see,
To all we dream to be,
To all we can never be,
Yet we are still drawn.
We know that is how it has to be.

I saw a vision of the Pequod,
Sail right by me on my screen,
Sail away into my dreams,
Sailing still, as destiny.