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by phil gennuso

by phil gennuso

When I was a little boy, sometimes my Dad would take me down with him to where he worked, Saks Fifth Avenue, in New York City, right in the heart of Manhattan. He would often show me the famous windows facing out to the public, which always were a marvel. One of his good friends was a window dresser, i.e., someone who designed and set these windows up. The beauty of it all was quite wonderful to me, a six year old!

Sometimes my Dad’s friend would take me behind the scenes and show me what went into this art of window design. Mannequins would be strewn hither and thither, in various states of dress. I was totally fascinated by these mobile statues and kept waiting for them to get up and say hello! I swear, some of them winked at me!

That was many years ago. But to this very day I am still fascinated by mannequins wherever I may encounter them!