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by phil gennuso

there are so many of us, it seems,
walking around the highways and byways,
catching and keeping stray words and gestures,
as they drop haphazardly
into our laps.

we look along the avenues of nature,
tracing fireflies as they cross the night,
or we linger gently,
near the scent of roses in summer.

we will just sit back,
and watch the leaves fall,
and wonder, in a trance, almost,
if that could be us,
blowing here and there,
almost at random.

but today,
after so many days of rain and gloom,
i am so happy to see the blue skies,
and puffs of white clouds floating by,
and I laugh with the courtyard leaves,
as the sun dances playfully,
around their sharp edges, and colorful smiles,
before it slowly fades
beyond the horizon.

by phil gennuso