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It’s Not Yet Dark is a memoir written by Simon Fitzmaurice, who discovers, just as he is starting his married life as a father and husband, that he has ALS, and that he doesn’t have long to live. It is a brave book, and a hopeful book, a tone it strikes without being sentimental.

Simon Fitzmaurice is a director, a video artist, and a writer, so the book has a poetic touch. It almost has the feel of a great piece of creative non-fiction, though every word is true. In a way, Simon Fitzmaurice lives as if his life is a poetic gift, and this memoir reflects that.

The book is relatively short, one hundred and sixty-five pages, and has a narrative feel, with many flash backs and flash forwards, a definite cinematic touch. I read it very quickly, in a few nights. It truly is an inspiring story, well told. I highly recommend picking up a copy and reading it. I know you won’t regret it.