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I love posters, and graphic designs of all types, vintage, modern, contemporary. On Saturdays, I usually like to post something about this general topic, featuring either an original work by myself or a work I like by someone else.

This week, I am presenting a design I did for a business card, for my own art venture, Phil Gennuso Arts. It is a simple design, clear and to the point.

I reworked a 1970s disco ball, and colorized it and placed it against a solid gold background. For those who might remember, Solid Gold, was a very popular music show in the 1980s, and that reference also is there.

I then chose a bold, black typeface for the lettering, my company name, and email address. Simple, and complete! I could add additional information if I wanted to.

It works out very well as a compact, to the point, business card, or a small, poster style print.