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The is one of the most beautiful songs of the last half century. For me, it is part of the Book Of Psalms. Indeed, we know, that the Psalms were pretty much written to music. Songs of entreaty, of praise, of love, all directed to God.

This last year, the Establishment, the political parties, the Capitalists, and the Socialists, have all failed us, as they have for pretty much most of my lifetime. But every day, we have seen people keeping the Faith, and now that Faith is being rewarded. It looks like we have some vaccines, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Vaccines are not perfect. We know that. Not everyone will be protected. Those most vulnerable will still be best advised to play it safe. But because we have kept the Faith, we will be able to move on.

Hopefully folks will start paying more attention to who is actually being elected and what their policies are. We can never prevent all viruses, they are inevitable, but we can be much better prepared than we were for this one.

So, with that said, I can only echo the words of the great Curtis Mayfield, “People Get Ready!”. Our Faith has saved us!