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Europe, January 1954. Still recovering from the disastrous Second World War. The Soviets under Stalin were an ominous threat, no one knew if there would be another war or not.

This cover for Holiday Magazine by iconic Italian-American designer George Giusti, captures that sense of uncertainty with a direct, simple, and modern style. We see the classic sites, in some boxes, we see colors in other boxes, and only blank white in others. Lines criss-cross, filling the plane, the sense of fragmentation and confusion, is strong and direct.

Yet this is Holiday Magazine. The invitation to travel is there. Europe is worth seeing again, even if the signs of the War’s chaos are still there.

As we know, Europe not only survived, but prospered and grew. The Common Market, and NATO, proved to be amazingly resilient organizations that formed the backbone of the New Europe.

The Berlin Wall fell without massive armed conflict!

This cover is a picture in time. A powerful testimony to history captured by a talented graphic artist and designer, who was born in Europe and moved to America, George Giusti (1908-1990).