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When I was growing up, every time we had either a chicken or a turkey for Sunday dinner, all the kids would vie for the cherished wishbone! It was just an age old tradition. And of course an even more important tradition on Thanksgiving.

In recent years I haven’t heard much about the wishbone tradition so I thought it just faded away, like so many other things. But then, on a TV early morning program, around Thanksgiving, I heard some of the guests talking about wishbones and who was going to get it!

As fate would have it, within a few days, during my daily walks, this one through the forest, I came across what sure looked like a wishbone to me!

So here at the start of this week, I am offering everyone a beautiful wishbone! Take it and make a great, kind wish, and I am sure it will come true!

And have a beautiful, safe week ahead! The vaccine is coming!