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Artwork by Phil Gennuso Arts

I first started my interest in the ancient Tarot way back in my teenage years. I was immediately fascinated by the myths, the lore, and the imagery. Many artists have taken their shot at creating Tarot cards and that also added to the attraction. The Tarot seemed to be a source of inspiration, contemplation, and action.

Also, at that time, many of us were looking for different ways to look at the world, different from some of the ideas that had been handed down. We did not necessarily want to reject organized religion, but we wanted other perspectives. There were so many things going on, so many questions to be answered. This encouraged exploration into a wide variety of philosophies and traditions.

No one knows exactly when the Tarot began. I surmise its deepest roots are from Egypt and the Near East, like so many other legends. The modern card deck, the fifty-two cards, the four suits, the Minor Arcana, started sometime around the 15th century in places like Italy and France, among other spots. Within time the twenty-two Triumph (Trump) cards began to emerge and were added to the decks. It was a game generally well off folks played for entertainment. Much later on, the 17th and 18th centuries, Tarot began to take on more of a divinatory role and the fifty-two original cards of the Minor Arcana, and the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana were further developed, enhanced, and given meanings. Those meanings and interpretations are still changing today.

A truly fascinating history, books have been written about it! And of course nowadays you can find alot of information right on the Internet.

My interest here is in the Major Arcana, the twenty-two cards, the Trump cards that have become major players in the Tarot as we know it today. These cards in a way represent archtypes, dreams, legends, myths, that have been around from the beginning of time. From childhood innocence, to falling in love, to the judgement, to the world itself, these cards traverse an entire spectrum of human experience.

My cards are original and follow the general pattern of Tarot history. Like many deck creators nowadays, I add my own observations based on my experiences to each card. Each card will be a unique art work accompanied by a brief write up which may include a short poem. I think you will find it interesting and rewarding, even if you have little knowledge of the Tarot.

In my own experiences, I have found the Tarot to be most valuable, and entertaining, by reflecting where I am, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, at any given time. I don’t really use the cards in a divinatory fashion to any great extent, rather I use the cards as mirrors that reflect the state of my being at that moment, on that day. This helps me determine what is going on and what I might need to do. The cards drawn help me understand myself and move forward.

Typically I use a simple three card spread: one card represents the past or where I have been; one card represents the present, or where I am; one card represents the future, or where things might be headed given my current state of mind.

To give you an idea of what will be coming in the weeks ahead I am going to just list the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana that I will be presenting:

CARD 0 : Innocence/The Fool – CARD I : The Magician/The Mystic

CARD II : The Priestess – CARD III : The Empress – CARD IV : The Emperor

CARD V : Widsom/The Hierophant – CARD VI : The Lovers

CARD VII : The Chariot – CARD VIII : Strengh – CARD IX : The Hermit/The Poet

CARD X : Fortune – CARD XI : Justice – CARD XII : The Hanged Man

CARD XIII : Death – CARD XIV : Temperance

CARD XV : The Devil – CARD XVI : The Tower – CARD XVII : The Star

CARD XVIII : The Moon – CARD XIX : The Sun

CARD XX : Judgement – CARD XXI : The World


There you have it! All twenty-two glorious cards handed down through the ages to the current generation. As you can see the scope is large and complete, the myths, legends, figures, and archetypes we live with every day.

I will presenting the Major Arcana on my WordPress blog and the entire set with text will be available as either a pdf or an epub (Amazon) ebook available for purchase either directly from me or on one of the sites like Etsy and Amazon.

I look forward to your comments and observations in the weeks ahead!


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