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Artwork and Design by Phil Gennuso Arts

Innocence / The Fool! We begin our journey!

The first card of the traditional Tarot deck is typically labeled The Fool and begins with the number Zero. Zero here signifies infinity or as a circle, a path with no beginning and no end. Many commentators also point out that this card, The Fool, travels through the other Twenty-One cards of the Major Arcana, and so the Major Arcana really documents The Fool’s journey.

For me this card always signifies Innocence. It signifies a new beginning, a fresh start. And yes, many times, when we start something new, we are fools, that is, we are inexperienced and perhaps naive. That is part of our journey. But our Innocence is our defense, our traveling companion through a world that is often jaded and corrupt, and tries to pull us in, to play the games, to always look out for Number One.

My card shows a young boy who is holding onto a fence with a somewhat tentative look in his eyes. He is a bit unsure but determined to make his way forward, no matter what. This is the way it is. Every journey that is worth the effort is surrounded by uncertainty. Even The Fool knows that! Yet if we are to do anything in life, our determination, which springs from our Innocence, carries us through those first steps.

In many ways we are Fools to even try, but our Innocence, the purity of our intentions, the loftiness of our goals and dreams, this is what protects and defends us and gives us the courage to go forward.

For me, that is the subtle duality of this first card of the Tarot!

When I draw this card, I am always thinking of new beginnings, new projects. Maybe I should finally start that new art work that I have been thinking about. Maybe I should tackle that short story or complete my website design and actually start the coding! Possibilities seem to just spring about, all the wonderful paths I might take. But I also am aware of hastiness, lack of preparation, wishful thinking. This is all part of this card.

With that said, I view this card, as very favorable for someone like me, who is always looking for a reason to start new projects and test new ideas! I think on the whole it is a favorable card for everyone.


We start at ground zero,
taking on the past and present,
history’s sins and our own,
struggling up the hill with Sisyphus,
hoping this time
the stone of evil fates stays in place,
and the world can begin anew

We are all orphans,
we are all refugees,
only our innocence can protect us,
only our persistence
can sustain us on this journey,
the only journey we will ever know