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Photo of Great Blue Heron by Phil Gennuso Arts

The Great Blue Heron is truly an amazing bird. One of the few birds I have seen who can hang out alone, without any mates. And, relevant to this photo, can stay perched in one spot, almost motionless for quite some time. Sometimes they may be just waiting for prey, but in many cases, as here, they are just in effect, hanging out. And I might surmise, just taking it all in, and thinking things over.


perched on a riverside branch
a safe cool spot
to think things over

saturday morn early june
a rare sighting
on my daily walk

freight trains rumble by
in the distance
it does not ruffle a feather

the day came the day went
this precious moment
will stay with me

if heaven is a place on earth
the great blue heron
stands at the gates