Sunset, by local artist from Oakland, NJ.


This is Philip Gennuso’s blog/website which will contain content about books, software, politics, and art, among other things. There will be several blogs about topics of interest and web pages with books and software available for sale. In the case of software, trial versions will be available.


On the top of Menu Bar, you will see BOOKS, POLITICS/CULTURE, SOFTWARE,  ART/MUSIC, POETRY, #FLASH FICTION (Micro Fiction), VISUALS and TAROT. These are the blogs and I will be making entries here as the opportunities present themselves. I do have a broad background and I am something of a political junkie, so hopefully there will be posts, and discussions that interest you.

On the top of the Menu Bar, you will also see under BOOKS, BOOKS-TO-GO, and under SOFTWARE, SOFTWARE-TO-GO. Since I am something of a small time book dealer, and a software developer, this is where you might find books, and software for sale, and software in trial versions. The software I am currently working on is for board games, my first one being MasterMind.


My blog/website is a work in progress so I thank you for your understanding. I welcome comments on the site and how it appears, and of course on the blog content, and on the books and software.

Thanks for stopping by!


For your convenience here is the link to my BOOKS-TO-GO page: https://philgsblog.wordpress.com/books-to-go/

Here is the link to my SOFTWARE-TO-GO:

4 thoughts on “HOME PAGE”

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, it is really appreciated ! :-)


  2. Hi! Thanks for following my blog and liking my posts. I really appreciate it! My artwork is apart of a project for my school, and I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment and give me your feedback. If you could, I would be so grateful. Thanks so much and I hope you have a great day.

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