Yes, now that my first Ebook, Horizons, has been published, I am starting to gather materials for one of the next books on my palette!

The Bridge I am referring to here is the heroic poem, The Bridge, by Hart Crane, and of course the bridge he was referring to, is the Brooklyn Bridge, a bridge my dad used to walk across all the time back in the 1930s!

If you happen to look through my site, you can see I have posted a number of pieces on The Bridge through the years. These in part will be some of my notes, some of my original drawings and illustrations which I have been gathering through the years. And when I say through the years, I mean through the years. I first encountered Hart Crane’s Bridge, in Professor Porter’s class, in Iona College, back in the late 1960s!

This page will be dedicated to all new developments about my project. I also will be posting occasional pieces in my regular blog.

If you are a fan of The Bridge, let me know and stay tuned!

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