My new page for one of my next projects, focusing on the Major Arcana of the Tarot!


Update December 9, 2021!

I have started posting my series of Major Arcana cards with some commentary and poetry. I generally post every few weeks. The cards are all complete and I am working on the commentary and poetry which will be collected together in a small chapbook in Ebook format.

With that said I have now embarked on the designs and artwork for the Minor Arcana, the Four Suits, Cups, Pentacles (Coins), Wands (Rods), Swords. I am starting first with the suit of Cups and will post them every now and then to add some interest and surprise to my artistic journey throught the age-old Tarot!

Stay Tuned!

Comments and Questions Are Always Welcome!


Update November 15, 2021 !

I have completed the artwork and design for the twenty-two Major Arcana cards and will begin posting them, one by one, accompanied by text. At some point all twenty-two cards, with text will be available as a pdf and an epub Ebook, which you will be able to purchase from me directly, or through Etsy or Amazon.

Stay Tuned!

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