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TPhoto_00053Hi. My name is Philip Gennuso and you are visiting my blog/website, hosted by WordPress. WordPress is a wonderful piece of software and I encourage visitors to consider learning about it. I will be offering blog entries about some topics in WordPress which hopefully some folks will find useful.

This blog/site is entirely run by me. You might say I am the chief cook and bottle washer! Rather than create separate sites and blogs for different areas of interest, I thought I might put everything I wanted to do and develop, neatly organized, in one place.


I have worked in a number of fields, many of them as a sole proprietor, some as an employee, and I have an academic background in Literature and Computer Science. Currently I am working with books and software, as a bookseller and a developer. I am concentrating on board games and hope to make a number of them available on this site. I may develop other types of software, particularly pertaining to Artificial Intelligence and Alife, but that remains to be seen!

I live in the beautiful village of Suffern, New York, right in the SouthWestern corner of Rockland County. It is a lovely little village, with a great library, interesting street fairs, a farmer’s market, community churches, and just generally very nice people. I live in a townhouse in the village and served on the Board of Directors for a number of years, which was quite a political experience, for sure! I hope to share some of that with you as time allows.

My complex was built back in the 1970’s (I moved here around 2001), when land was still fairly inexpensive, and so I have a nice green courtyard looking out my front door, and a small wooded area looking out my patio door. The sun sets over the mountains through my rear door, so it is quite a beautiful landscape.


Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Best regards,
Phil Gennuso

BTW: If you want to contact me for any reason, including using any material on this site, please email:

9 thoughts on “About Phil G’s Blog”

  1. Hi Phil, it’s Cindi from John’s class! I usually try to keep a more-anonymous profile when it comes to students’ blogs, but I do want to follow you; the subjects you hope to blog about intrigue me! (I don’t “advertise” my connection to John’s class on my own blog; this is all for fun.) Have a winter-beautiful weekend!

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  2. Do you mind if I use your corvette poem in our newsletter ?

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  3. Hi Phil. Not sure my last comment got to you. My record of it is ambiguous. I see you don’t have a contact page on your blog. You can send me your email address via my contact page and I can respond with mine. Then you can send me the pic via an attachment to your email back. Hoping that works. –Dennis

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  4. Phil, i truly enjoyed reading your introduction to your WordPress Blog.
    By traveling to this blog a few times, i am able to truly see your Goals & Set Up
    in a Comfortable,” Wide Angle lens” way. Aleta Wohl

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  5. S.D. McKinley said:

    Hello again Phil. I read the preview of your horizon’s book and I enjoyed it, so keep up the good work. I couldn’t comment there, so I came onto this post to comment.

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    • Hi. Thanks! I didn’t realize you couldn’t comment on my Horizons Ebook page so I corrected that oversight. Thanks for reading the sample and commenting! I appreciate the support!


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